As a man, would you ever consider wearing a womens timepiece?

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    I was thinking about this just as I was browsing the Omega website and saw all the ads for their new 38mm Speedmasters, marketed directly towards women. So I guess I’ll use those Speedy’s as an example. Recently I’ve seen the line blurred between mens & womens watches when it comes to higher end watch brands. I think a woman can wear a standard 36mm datejust over the specific lady’s datejust just fine. It doesn’t look odd or anything to me. From what I’ve seen, gender specific watches are a lot more obvious when you nail it down to fashion brands such as Michael Kors. But as I was saying, I think the line is blurred when you go into the luxury brands.

    Here’s a few examples – this is one of the new 38mm female speedmasters. I picked out this one as it looks the most feminine in my eyes. Diamond bezel, pink hands and Speedmaster logo, etc. It’s clearly a watch aimed at women.

    But then there’s this, which is within the exact same ‘Womens 38mm Speedmaster’ range as the watch I linked above. To me it doesn’t look clearly feminine at all and if I didn’t know that this was a womens watch, I wouldn’t think twice if I saw a man wearing it. I still wouldn’t as nothing about it stands out as clearly feminine, hell, I’d wear it.

    A bit of a basic question, I know, but with all the women I’ve seen wearing a gents watch, this whole scenario just popped into my mind and I’m curious as to what this forum’s community thinks.

    Thanks everyone and sorry for the long post!


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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